Monday, February 15, 2010

Big Bowl of Soup

I decided to go with a cup of Thai chicken coconut soup. He decided he wanted the big bowl of noodles and vegetables in broth. I finished mine in no time and had seconds from his big bowl.

Everyone got a free spring roll!


Sig said...

Best of both worlds for you :)

arundati said...

the broth with veggies looks so yumm

Unknown said...

S does that often, coz I barely finish half of my big bowl - but in this case soup looks very yummy with all the fresh veggies in it.

Princess of many sorts. said...

I have always been a BIG fan of soups...the reason is probably that it is so freaking cold here during the chilly months. That soup really is the ONLY way to get, and stay warm:)

Have a good day girly:)=

Siri said...

I love soups esp the mulgitwany soup which we get in indo-chinese restaurants :). When me & S were goes out in Hyderabad, he used to take to this nice restaurant called 'Palace Heights' and there my all-time favorite is - 'Green Pea Soup'. :) Ah! those care-free days.


sra said...

I saw this on Buzz and thought it was just a, well, buzz. Didn't realise it was a post. I love these soups.