Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bikram Rocks! (The Ganesha Tattoo)

Al, a fellow yogi at Bikram, was gracious enough to pose for me. His wife was even more gracious by positioning him several times around the room so I could get the best image of the Ganesha. One of my proudest photos of the project.


radha said...

Phew! THis is something. So elaborate. I wonder if he can carry it off as well if he toned up after the yoga classes!

Siri said...

Wow! that is indeed something. :)


sra said...

This is a great pic! I've never come across Ganesha tattoos before.

Anonymous said...

Great picures and very entertaining too. Very unusual tatttoo, Lord Ganesha is my favorite god. He always seems so kid friendly.