Saturday, January 9, 2010

Broke Ass

Left over from yesterday night's mushroom, fenugreek risotto. And no, sticking to my new year resolution, I did not drink any wine. Doesn't count in the risotto cause the alcohol evaporates, I think.


sra said...

You know, we don't use any alcohol either, so many years ago when I was looking at substitutes for wine and sherry in cooking, someone in a forum said it's important to realise that the flavour can still set off recovering alcoholics! :-D :-D
I once used white wine in something and the flavour was really, really good. So when I went to France, I picked up a couple of small bottles of wine at the duty-free - one red and one white - of no vintage. Three years on, I'm still aging them in my cupboard. :-D

The Princess of many sorts:) said...

First up, me thinks this idea picture a day is a very good one...It makes me think of everything as a potential wonderful thing to shoot:)
I think the best thing about blogging and taking pictures for it is that everything becomes new from a flower to a book:)

The other thing about blogging that is wonderful...specially as it evolves is that you learn so much about computers:)

Enough of that:)
Sra :) you made a very good point...i will be sure to remember that:)

And Desi Soccer Mom...lay of the wine:)
have a good day:)

Jaya Wagle said...

SP, I didn't drink any. :) Besides, I prefer red to white.

Sra, we prefer to buy our wine from wholesale warehouse stores like Sams and Costco. The same brands and vintages are cheaper by a couple of bucks. Even then we don't indulge in anything more than $10. The Broke Ass was a $7 purchase by T at a grocery store with the express purpose of making risotto.

I don't know much about wine except that I like red and Cabernet has more alcohol than Merlot which is sweeter. :)

Jaya Wagle said...

You are right Sra, the risotto's flavor was enhanced by the wine.

sra said...

I'm a wine/alcohol-philistine - don't appreciate the taste, don't know anything about it. Happy to use it in cooking alone. :-D

Sig said...

Wait, what's your new year resolution? Not to drink at all? If so, why? Do I smell an alcoholic? ;)

Ann said...

Hmmm, I prefer white to red.

Siri said...

I like red over wine too. :) is funny that I never used in my cooking yet..risotto will be the first one :)