Sunday, March 7, 2010

Croc love

While I was trying to watch Oscars and capture a click for the blog, he was trying to get me to click his new crocs. No good pics of the TV but this is what I have from that lazy Sunday.


Ann said...

Uhm, what happened to the wellie boots post? I swear I saw it on my reader, my son has a pair of pristine Gap yellow boots that my cousing got him for Xmas. They are so uncomfortable, albeit seriously cute.

Jaya Wagle said...

Ann, since I update every few days, I draft the posts on one day and post them two at a time. The boots is for yesterday's post which I accidently published and then deleted. Will post it by evening. :)
I don't know how uncomfortable my son's boots are but they are one size big for him and he still likes to wear them every chance he gets. Yesterday, it wasn't raining but we took water in tumblers, poured it on the walkway, just so he could splash in it.